Remote / Virtual Appointments

Who can have a virtual appointment?

Anyone, but primarily useful for people who physically can’t come to us for reasons such as:

  • Illness
  • Reduced mobility
  • Worry about Covid-19/shielding
  • People who live too far way away from the clinic to travel in, either in the UK or abroad
  • If you’re not sure if Physiotherapy, sports therapy, massage or acupuncture would help your problem and want to discuss it with someone first!

What to expect from your virtual appointment?

Booking your virtual appointment

  • Phone triage to confirm if virtual is the best approach to meet your needs
  • Choose the platform for your appointment. We prefer Zoom but can use other video platforms as needed. If you prefer a phone appointment we can accommodate, however this may limit our ability to accurately assess your problem
  • A brief ‘trial run’ to make sure we have no connection issue with yourself on the chosen platform. You need to consider the privacy do discuss your problem, and the space, we may need to see the injured area, and ask you to carry out certain movements or tests as part of our assessment
  • Finally, we can book your actual session and send you the appropriate link or login details

During your virtual appointment

  • Please wear appropriate clothing for us to see the injured area if appropriate
  • At the appointment date and time your zoom session will be activated, or you will be called if you have requested the phone call option
  • Please always keep your phone to hand in case of technical difficulty
  • There is ample opportunity to ask questions or raise any concerns with us during your session, you may wish to write any exercises, advice or plans down so consider having a pen and paper to hand
  • Sessions typically last 30-40 minutes
  • We will begin by discussing your goals for the session
  • Next we will assess your problem and create an action plan with you in order to achieve these goals.
This can include:
  • pain management
  • exercise provision
  • self-management techniques
  • recommendations for hands on treatment if appropriate
  • referrals onward to other professionals, consultants, or imaging (X-Rays, MRI etc) as needed

After your virtual appointment

Within the session fee we allow for one follow-up email to your therapist to ask any questions you forgot to ask, query anything discussed within the session or ask for reminders or exercises etc.

If you require further input or advice, then another session will need to be booked.